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Économie et marché

2019 — volume 1, numéro 1

The Advantages of Quebec’s Mining Sector

The province of Quebec currently has 25 mines in operation with some 24 projects currently at the appraisal and development stages, this number is expected to increase over the next few years. As a mining jurisdiction, Quebec has many characteristics that make it one of the world’s most promising regions for mineral resource exploration and development. In addition to political and economic stability, regulations that govern each stage of development, diversified mineral potential, ample high-quality water and energy resources, the ‘Belle Province’ also has world-class infrastructure to transport and ship large volumes of materials around the world. The technical expertise of Quebec’s engineers, geologists, technologists, drillers and labour force is recognized worldwide. In addition to its impressive human resources, the province also has state-of-the-art training and research centres. Quebec is fertile ground for resource development and transformation projects. Relying on reports compiled from a variety of sources, this article summarizes some of the advantages of Quebec’s mining jurisdiction.

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